About Michael Fourte

Michael Fourte is an accomplished attorney, real estate investor, and Veteran of the United States Navy. Throughout his career, he has always strived to assist his clients and customers to the best of his abilities. Utilizing his passion, knowledge, drive and thoroughness, Michael has been able to forge a successful career for himself and earn the respect and admiration of his colleagues and community.

Currently, Michael Fourte is a practicing lawyer and real estate professional. Michael serves as an attorney at law at the Law Offices of Michael Fourte, the law firm which he founded. In this position, Michael is responsible for representing a variety of clients, both high-profile and civilian. Michael has overseen over 100 municipal, state, federal and military cases, and he has seen great success. While the majority of his cases dealt with real estate, others have dealt with anything from construction to banking and even immigration.

In regards to real estate, Michael Fourte, utilizing his entrepreneurial spirit and knowledge of the industry, founded Fourte Real Estate and currently serves as the CEO. In this role, Michael oversees all operations of the small firm, which handles $3.1 million-worth of assets. More specifically, Michael directly oversees the planning of operations, marketing, taxation and risk of the firm.

In both of these roles, Michael has been incredibly successful, which only demonstrates his business acumen. It takes a special kind of businessperson to be able to manage two separate businesses in to separate industries, and Michael Fourte does this beautifully.

Michael hopes to continue his knowledge of both law and real estate in the future, and to better serve his community and fellow man. He also hopes, by utilizing his various websites and social media profiles, to increase his online presence and grow his professional network of connections so that he may reach an even greater population with his services.