What’s the Difference Between an Asset Manager and a Property Manager?


Michael-Fourte-Property-Management-1080x675While it may sound like property management and asset management are different names for the same thing, the two careers are actually very distinct in nature. Both are essential parts of managing real estate properties, but the two roles handle different aspects of management.

A property manager is a person that handles the day-to-day of property operations for both commercial and residential real estate properties. This includes scheduling repairs, handling leases and collecting rent. An asset manager, however, focuses on maximizing and adding long-term value to a property, typically for commercial properties. This includes acquiring new properties, market forecasting and research, and financial analysis. This role requires more strategic thought in order to enhance the property and add extra value.

The lack of distinction between the two roles also stems from property managers being expected to do more at certain real estate firms. In some firms, there is a clear line between the two roles, while at others the line is much more blurred. Many property managers today are also responsible for financial analysis and preparing annual budgets. As the list of responsibilities a property manager is expected to perform continues to grow and change, the definition of what a property manager will as well.

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What is Lis Pendens and When to File?


The real estate market is littered with confusing terms that can turn someone away from buying a property. One of the terms people might not be familiar with is lis pendens. A lis pendens is a term a lawyer uses for a pending lawsuit related to the title of a property. The term is Latin for “a suit pending.

Lis pendens is a document that indicates someone has filed a lawsuit on a specific property. Once the court has received notice, it is then certified and committed to record by the county recorder. When a lis pendens is filed, it must specify the exact property, the individual involved, and the relief sought for the property.

One of the biggest filings of a lis pendens happens because of lender foreclosures, but they can also be filed for short sales and other real estate sales. When a lender starts the steps of the foreclosure process, one of the first things they do is file a lis pendens. This alerts the owner of the property that the property is under dispute and the lender is attempting to seize ownership as collateral for the loan that the borrower has defaulted on. Most creditors whose debt is waged against a piece of real estate may also file lis pendens.

While a lis pendens can be filed during the foreclosure process, it can also be filed when someone believes that a title of the property belongs to someone. In these cases, there is a motive to prove ownership before the property can eventually be sold. The sale helps bind the defendant to the property until ownership is settled.

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What Is Operational Planning?

Michael Fourte Operational Planning

The world of business can be incredibly complicated. It’s an industry littered with specific terms and definitions, systems and hierarchies that can all become a bit too much for anyone unfamiliar with its intricacies. However, much like any other industry, once you take a moment to sit down and look into it, the business industry is incredibly fascinating, and not terribly complicated. As someone who’s worked in high-ranking positions in both the military and in the traditional business world, I’ve had a great deal of experience with these systems and terms.

For anyone looking to learn more about business and becoming a leader in your respective industry, I want to provide as much information as possible to help you on your journey. With that being said, I’ve decided to offer some insight into operational planning.

For any business, there must be goals. And the most common issue shared between every company, is how to achieve these goals. Every company has a different set of goals, and in order to achieve these goals, there must be a strategy in place. That’s where operational planning comes into play.


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Do Military Officers Make the Best CEOs?

Michael Fourte CEO

One of the hardest transitions a veteran has when returning from active duty is finding a job. What most people do not realize is former military officers make the best CEOs and business leaders. When looking for experienced leadership, turning to a former military officer will help propel your business to the top.


Every military officer is trained specifically through carefully planned training and educational programs that give them first-hand experience in growing and developing their leadership skills. Once placed with a platoon, an officer can be in charge of leading a group of 50 – 100+ soldiers into combat. This hands-on experience isn’t something that can be duplicated in a classroom full of students receiving their MBA.


Former military officers lead by example. They are not afraid to get involved with their team and help improve productivity, employee morale, and employee engagement throughout their office. Officers are looking to set a positive example as well as a positive behavior throughout to improve the organization they are working for. Former military officers are also experts at accepting change due to the unexpected change that can happen during a military planning session. This can allow them to successfully walk an entire office or team within a department through changes happening within the organization.


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How to Survive your First Jury Trial

Michael Fourte Jury Trial

I have been practicing law for more than a decade now, and I like to think of myself as an expert in the field. It’s a complicated industry, but it is an absolutely crucial one; without it, some of us may never find justice. And because of my expertise and belief in fighting for what is right, I feel as though it is my duty to pass on my knowledge to up-and-coming lawyers.

For those that are unaware, the jury trial is any case or proceeding that will be determined by a jury as opposed to the judge. This is a very different type of case, and requires practice and tact.  The overwhelming majority of cases settle before ever going to trial. Of those that go to trial, only some are decided by a jury. For this reason, one of the most difficult, and nerve-wracking, aspects of being a lawyer is the jury trial. It can be tough and it will always be a learning experience, particularly for novice lawyers.

So, here are a few tips and tricks on how to prepare for your first jury trial.


There Will Be Pressure

Knowing this from the very beginning will help you, at least mentally. Whenever handling a case, there is always a certain amount of pressure, no question about it. However, with a jury trial, that pressure can be amped up to 11. Think about all of the moving variables: you have to speak clearly and concisely, you have to be prepared to handle any and all objections and opposing evidence, you need to be commanding and you need to do this in front of a jury of strangers. People that you’ve never met before, and will likely never see again afterwards, will be deciding the fate of your client. You only have one chance to impress the panel of “judges,” so to speak. In fact, in law If you are not a natural public speaker, then you need to learn quickly. You can know the law backwards and forwards and be one of the greatest litigators in existence, but if you cannot communicate effectively, you are essentially useless in a courtroom. Know the pressure and anticipate it.


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One of the largest decisions that most people make revolves around real estate. Should you rent an apartment or should you purchase a home? It may sound incredibly simple at first glance, but once you begin to dissect and analyze the question, it becomes very clear as to just how complicated the situation truly is.

As an experienced real estate professional with years of experience, I figured that I could offer some assistance to those looking for a new home. Here are some of the biggest differences between renting and owning.

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How To Empower Your Employees and Build Strong Teams

Michael Fourte Employees Office Men Suit Business Greeting Work

If you’re the leader of a team, either in the military or in the business world, you will always have others looking up to you. They will ask questions and look to you to set the expectation. This is, naturally, a great deal of responsibility. And it is up to you to avoid simply answering questions and putting out fires; you must empower your employees so that they can become as self-sufficient as possible. You must give them the tools they need to help themselves. Here are a few ways in which you can do just that.

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